What we do

Child Sponsor

LOVING HANDS charitable projects are financially supported by hundreds of sponsors of children who attend our five schools in Uganda.


The cost for a child’s school fees and food is around 20 euro per month. This amount is deposited by sponsors at a bank account monthly (20 euro) or annually (200 euro), according to the sponsor’s preference.


Being a Child’s Sponsor is a SYMBOLIC, voluntary contribution, without any further commitment, which has a great impact on the life of EVERY child.


Complying with the GDPR regulation for privacy and personal data protection, LOVING HANDS does not send personal information of children to the sponsors anymore. Sponsors’ contributions are invested in school infrastructure projects for the benefit of ALL children. Projects that are sponsored and supported by LOVING HANDS relate to the construction and improvement of school facilities and aim at enhancing the education quality and standard of living of children.


Thanks to the generous support of our Sponsors, in the last couple of years LOVING HANDS has constructed classrooms, a kitchen/dining-room, it has formed a computer lab, it has replaced wooden beds with metal ones in the school dorms, etc. At the moment we are working on connecting Monde school with running water facilities.

Mission Trips to Uganda

LOVING HANDS organises missions of volunteers to Uganda. Our volunteers assess the development of our projects, they investigate the arising needs and offer voluntary work in their field of expertise. All travel costs are covered by the volunteers themselves.


LOVING HANDS Child Sponsors have the right to participate in LOVING HANDS missions to Uganda and experience the work conducted.

Supporting children in Cyprus

Our Group organizes various charity events aiming at raising funds to support of various children-related organizations and institutions in Cyprus.


Among other events, every year we organize charity markets with handcrafts from Uganda. We purchase these products from local craftspeople in Uganda, helping them make a decent living. At the same time, with the money we raise from selling them, we help other people and organizations in Cyprus.