What we do

Child Donor

One of the greatest actions of our Group is to find “donors” for Ugandan children who attend the schools we support.


Being a Child’s Donor is a symbolic, voluntary contribution, without any further commitment, which has a great impact on the life of each child.


The cost for a child’s school fees and food is around 20 euro per month. This amount is deposited at a bank account monthly (20 euro) or annually (200 euro), according to the Donor’s preference.

Every Donor receives a Donation Report with the personal details and photo of the beneficiary child. Once a year the Donor receives an updated picture of the child.


All donations are deposited in a bank account. Donors may request a donation receipt from the organization once a year.

Charity Events

Our Group organizes various charity events aiming at raising funds for the economic support of various children-related organizations and institutions in Cyprus.


We have already organized several charity markets with handcrafts from Uganda. We purchase these products from local craftspeople in Uganda, helping them make a decent living. At the same time, with the money we raise from selling them, we help other people and organizations in Cyprus.


We also organize various other events, such as music events, theatre performances, etc. aiming at helping children in need in Cyprus and Uganda.