Construction of Kitchen at St. Antonios School, Monde (Uganda)

We are glad to announce that our group AGAPIS HERIA is ready to start the construction of the kitchen and dining hall at St. Antonios School in Monte, thanks to a generous financial contribution by XM company in Cyprus. 


St. Antonios school is the largest of AGAPIS HERIA cooperating schools in Uganda. It hosts 664 students of Elementary and High School. All students are offered a meal daily, while 348 students stay at the school dormitory. 


At the moment, the meals are prepared in the open, as there is no indoors kitchen. The food is cooked in uncovered pots on firewood and is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, flies, etc. 


AGAPIS HERIA group is planning the construction of a professional kitchen, which will be adequately equipped in order to provide food to the 664 children daily. This will upgrade the production process, as well as the food quality.


The total expenses are estimated to reach 10.750 and will be covered by the Cypriot company XM. AGAPIS HERIA is truly thankful to XM for this generous contribution, as well as for its constant support.  


The project is estimated to cost 10.750 euro. Local workers and craftsmen are going to be involved in the construction project. This way, our Group tries to implement projects which contribute towards community empowerment and involvement.