About Us

«Loving Hands» Group

The Group “LOVING HANDS: Supporting Children in Cyprus and Africa” is a registered NGO (No. 4591).


Our Group’s registration as a Charity NGO aimed at achieving a more effective and transparent organization of the dozens of volunteers who have been supporting children and schools in Uganda for several years.


Our action focuses on schools in Monde (Saint Antonios Parish), in Bwetyaba (Saint Demetrios Parish), Sambwe (Holy Trinity Parish) and Wakiso Town (Panmakaristos Parish). Father Antonios Mutyaba runs these parishes and constantly takes new initiatives for the improvement of the standard of living of the children, building and improving schools and school facilities, offering children education, food, hope and love.


Members of the group LOVING HANDS have visited these schools several times and have experienced the pressing needs, as well as the immense efforts of Father Antonios to provide decent education to the children.


Our group is supported by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Uganda, Mr. Aristotelis Nicolaides  and by the Honorary Consul of Greece in Uganda, Mr. Konstantinos Nikolaidis, both of which are permanent residents in Uganda.


Apart from our activities in Uganda, our Group organizes various charity events for the support of several charities and institutions in Cyprus.


All our Group’s decisions with regards to new initiatives, as well as financial decisions, are taken by our Executive Council, which consists of seven members.


The Group’s finances are audited by an External Auditor, in compliance to the Law on NGOs.

Charity Organisation Registration Certificate